About us

Payment technology that helps you grow

We are Global Payment

We are shaping a new world of payments and trusted transactions. With advanced payment technology, local expertise, and tailored solutions for hundreds of markets and industries, we help millions of businesses of all sizes reach their goals faster, easier, and more securely.

A global leader in payments

As a global leader in payments, we provide advanced payment technologies that help our customers around the world achieve their goals.

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Our reason

We aim to develop and operate innovative digital payment and transaction solutions that enable sustainable economic growth and enhance public trust and security. Our solutions are environmentally friendly, accessible from anywhere, and support social change.


Innovations powered by Global Payment's technology drive value creation and sustainably benefit society. Our co-creation philosophy means working closely with our partners and clients to find solutions that help them realize their ambitions.

Accelerated growth

No matter where you are in the world, you can reach your business goals with our advanced payment technology, local payments expertise, and solutions tailored to your market and industry.

Our commitment

We believe in making a difference in how we operate and through sustainable solutions.