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Retail & Marketplaces

An innovative, bespoke global payment solution that increases brand awareness and loyalty across markets and businesses.

Offer a best-in-class payment experience: Offering new payment methods that are simpler and easier, along with personalized customer journeys, is key to standing out in a crowded marketplace. Regardless of size, our solutions for digital and physical mass payments enable you to deliver a first-class payment experience to your customers wherever they are, so you can focus on growing your business.

Global and local: Whatever your growth ambitions are. We are here to grow rapidly with our customers in their journey to new markets. Leveraging our years of expertise in international expansion, we are now able to offer the best payment solutions, combining local payment methods with global acceptance. Customized to suit your needs.

A seamless experience: Customer experience is as important as delivering world-class technology. We offer an elevated level of customisation, so all payment solutions are branded to help drive awareness and loyalty across all sales channels.

True peace of mind: As UK’s leading payment technology provider, we work with retailers and marketplaces of all sizes. From fast-growing businesses to established businesses, we offer best-in-class retail payment solutions that ensure increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Man paying gifts in a retail shop with a credit card
Digital Goods & Services

Grow your digital business in an increasingly complex market.

The future of digital goods and services is bright. But the rules are changing daily, and consumer expectations are rising.

Businesses need to ensure that their digital payment and retail POS systems are flexible, seamless, and convenient. Global Payment is here to support you.

Stay competitive as customer expectations change: Many consumers cancel services after a negative payment experience. We combine innovative technology stacks, partnerships, and data optimization to enable you to offer your customers the right digital payment options and retail POS systems.

We want you to win, especially when it comes to customer conversions.

Reach customers and target groups around the world: Our mobile capabilities are designed for merchants ready to extend their offerings across all digital channels, including retail POS systems. And with regulatory requirements and data protection guidance, digital goods, and services businesses can go beyond local markets and into as many worlds as you can imagine.

Get more customers and retain more subscribers: We have built a deep understanding of the digital market in every industry. This means you get the best customer service. Our Customer Success Managers provide evidence-based recommendations to help you adapt your recurring digital payment performance to changing trends and behaviours. It is essential in today’s complex global economy. This means you can give your customers exactly what they want. No more transaction failures or subscription updates.

Mobile payment

Give your customers a seamless self-service payment experience.

Give your customers a seamless self-service experience: Vending Machines, Laundromats, and Tickets. Whether you run a kiosk, electric vehicle charging station, or parking lot, customers want to pay in a way that is convenient and secure for them, no matter how small the transaction is. Empower unmanned stores and enable self-service payments on your preferred device and payment method. We are here to make your life easier so you can focus on serving your customers.


Give your customers a smooth and secure experience: Manage all aspects of self-service payments including terminals, e-commerce, authorization, and acquisition with full-service or bespoke payment solutions. And it spans the full spectrum of cashless payment transactions, from processing to value-added services to financial reconciliation. Customers get a wonderful experience and cashless payments are simplified.

We are the only cashless payment provider with à la carte acquisitions in the vending industry, connecting our customers with the best acquirers country by country or with pan-European acquirers and in both cases the highest possible fees.

Grow your business with scalable solutions: Our service is easy to use and has simple integrations to get you up and running in no time. It’s flexible and scalable, so you can change it as your business changes. We also have operations in over 50 of all European countries, providing all the support and expertise you need for your international growth.

Woman in car paying card reader payment terminal after refuel car.
Petrol & Energy

Payment solutions that bring innovation and growth to the petrol and energy sector

Let us help you navigate your energy opportunities. The transformation of the oil and energy sector presents enormous opportunities as businesses and consumers seek new ways to energize their lives. Our ability to innovate in an ever-changing environment allows us to meet such demands. This requires industry expertise and products ranging from managing gas and energy payments to fighting fraud to building customer journeys.

Whether you are operating indoor and outdoor self-service vestibules – such as B. Car washes or pumps Paying at EV charging stations – or providing alternative fuel sources, our Forecourt POS system pays seamlessly and securely Give your customers more ways to make their payment.

A dedicated team of experts: We have a team of industry experts who combine a deep understanding of your industry with the knowledge and experience of how payments can unlock innovation and growth.

A scale that helps you cope with change: We understand that the petrol and energy sector is undergoing major changes. You should be able to adapt accordingly. We have the scale and technology to help your business grow with complete fuel and energy solutions including payment gateways, acquiring, forecourt POS systems, and value-added services.

Promote internal digitalization: Whether your customers are businesses or consumers, it’s important to meet their ever-evolving needs, expectations, and preferences. This means digitizing your operations, including your Forecourt POS system, to deliver a superior experience throughout your journey. Our experts help simplify and innovate petrol and energy stations through our co-creative approach and innovative Pay & Drive wallets for the industry. So you can focus on what matters most – your customers.

Man charging electric automobile and using his smartphone for payment at charging point
Financial institutions

A trusted payment solution that reduces complexity and increases efficiency. Stay ahead of the fast-changing payments market.

As financial institutions, we know that keeping up with modern technologies, changing regulations, and evolving customer behaviour can be challenging to succeed in a rapidly evolving payments marketplace. Complexity continues to grow, and costs continue to rise. Fortunately, we are here to support you. With years of experience in the payments industry, proven payment solutions across the cards and payments value chain, and partnerships with innovative technology providers, we can meet all your needs. Whether you are driving digital transformation, developing your business in new markets, or improving customer relationships, we’re here to help.

Business benefits for financial institutions

Stay competitive in a crowded market. There are many challenges in this market, but don’t worry. We help you overcome them and strengthen your position with advanced payment solutions. Choose to grow with our unique combination of the latest technology and years of experience in payment services. Enjoy the freedom of choice. From the simplest to the most complex cases, our modular portfolio of payment solutions for financial institutions can be scaled up or down at will, so you can choose exactly what your business needs.

Ensure compliance and reduce complexity: When new regulations are introduced, it’s important to ensure your growing business is compliant. Meet this challenge by ensuring compliance, reducing complexity, and lowering costs.

Accelerate your digital transformation: The future of finance is digital. We support your digital transformation and help you take advantage of new business opportunities while improving the service you offer your customers.

Let us take your business to the next level.